Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld

Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld
Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld
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Amazing medical breakthrough developed from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA®) Research. Deep Penetrating Light (DPL®) is proven to relieve pain and muscle & joint aches, and stiffness in just minutes a day!
The Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld is the most powerful and cost effective handheld light therapy for pain system currently on the market.

FDA Cleared
"Intended for the relaxation of muscles and relief of muscle spasms; temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness; temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis; and to temporarily increase local blood circulation."

The American Pain Society estimates that 45 percent of people in the United States seek medical help for persistent or chronic pain at some point in their lifetime. Pain is responsible for an estimated 40 million visits to physicians and costs the United States more than $100 billion per year.
A slowly increasing number of health-care professionals are discovering the value of red and NIR LED therapy for people who suffer with joint and muscle pain. In fact, the good news is that hand-held, over-the-counter light therapy devices are available, as well as units that can be worn against the body (see our other Pain Relief System. They are effective, easy to use, and available in a wide range of prices. You can treat yourself at home with just a few minutes per day, and at your convenience.

What the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld can do for you?
• Increase circulation - speeding up the healing process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients needed for healing.
• Relaxation of muscles
• Relief of muscle spasms
• Relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness
• Relief of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis

NASA experts were looking for a way to heal injuries to astronauts while they were in space and to help prevent bone and muscle atrophy that occurs in zero gravity. Scientists discovered that use of LEDs that produced near-infrared light activated color sensitive chemicals in the body’s cells. When the cells absorb the light, metabolism in bone, muscle, skin, and subcutaneous tissue is stimulated.
Here on earth, visible light treatments have been used for years to treat conditions that are close to the surface, such as scars and wounds. This type of therapy penetrates tissue to about 8 to 10 millimeters (mm). Infrared light, however, penetrates to a depth of about 30 to 40 mm, which makes it effective for joints, deep muscle, and bones. This type of light therapy does not generate heat, just relief.

The benefits of using the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld:
• All Natural
• Non-invasive
• No downtime
• Easy to use
• No side effects - safe and effective for all people
• Engineered to last for years

How does it work?
The Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld uses a form of energy called “Photons” to penetrate deep into the body easing pain and repairing damaged tissues.
The Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld does several things to relief pain:
• It increases vascularity. By increasing the formation of new capillaries, which are additional blood vessels that replace damaged ones. New capillaries speed up the healing process by carrying more oxygen as well as more nutrients needed for healing and they can also carry more waste products away.
• It increases lymphatic system activity. Research has shown that the lymph vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of light therapy. The venous diameter and the arterial diameters can also be increased. This means that both parts of edema (liquid and protein) can be evacuated at a much faster rate to relieve swelling.
• It stimulates the release of adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Increases in ATP allows cells to accept nutrients faster and get rid of waste products faster by increasing the energy level in the cell.
• It increases RNA and DNA Synthesis. This helps damaged cells to be replaced more promptly.
• It stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue projections.  These are part of the healing process of wounds, ulcers or inflamed tissue.
• And lastly, it stimulates endorphins and enkephalins. These are produced in the brain as well as chemicals from other areas of the body like adrenals which facilitate long term pain relief.

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How often and how long should I use the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld?
The Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld is designed to run for twenty-five (25) minutes and will automatically shut off. It is recommended to use the system for 14 minutes (per area) two (2) times per day.

What will I notice during and after treatment?
You will feel an increase in warmth in the treated areas. Different sensations are possible with use of the system depending on the individual: you may feel warmth sensations, you may experience the relief of pain, you may have a greater range of motion, you may feel a calming or soothing effect.

How long will it be before I have results using the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld?
Depending on the pain and application, one could possibly feel relief immediately or after a few treatments. For deeper pain symptoms may require several Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld treatments before seeing/feeling results. It is important to remember that we are all unique; no two people are the same. Factors such as age, level of fitness and various physical conditions can affect how quickly your system can help. In cases where your condition has lasted for many years (chronic) it may take longer to notice a benefit because so many areas may need the therapeutic benefits of the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld.

Does the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld work for everyone?
Infrared therapy is proven to work on all skin types. For pain applications most everyone will feel comfort and improvement when using the system.

Can the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld hurt my eyes?
No studies have been found to show any harmful effects to the eyes when using infrared therapy. It is recommended that the eyes are closed while using the system at all times. Never look directly at the lights when the system is turned on.

Will the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld hurt?
No, unlike lasers, injections or other invasive treatments the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld is non-thermal, non-ablative and non-invasive treatment. Clients report no discomfort or pain associated with the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld treatments.

I have high blood pressure – will using the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld hurt me?
There is no evidence that by using the Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld will increase blood pressure. We do recommend contacting your physician if you are concerned.

I have arthritis in my hands. Will I be able to use the system?
The Pain DPL® Red Light Handheld System is designed with the arthritis sufferer in mind and can easily be used on the stand for your hands. The device is also lightweight and easy to hold. Treatment should focus on the hands until more mobility is obtained before moving on to other areas of the body.